About Expest & Termite Control

          Why Termites Are a Problem
Subterranean termites travel between their humid nests and their food, which is wood. Workers feed on and destroy the wood and then feed other castes in the community. They travel through tunnels and mud tubes ingeniously constructed to protect them from the dry atmosphere outside. These tubes are sometimes visible on masonry or foundation walls and stumps. They are extremely difficult to detect, as sometimes only a few centimetres of the tubes are visible. Any area where wood touches soil or comes close to it is potential food for termites.
Termites are social insects, and one of the most persistent and destructive insects in nature. They live in large colonies that can grow into the millions, which can lead to huge amounts of money in repair bills. Termites can also severely damage electrical wiring. Damage to your electrical wires could lead to large amounts of damage, including faulty electrical works. This could turn fatal when there are people operating these electrical appliances.
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