Spider Control

Spider Control

During the day they are seldom seen, unless they are disturbed in their natural environment. When daylight fades, spiders become active. They leave the protection of their nests or shelters and go out in search of food.

Spiders produce silk which they use to build webs, capture prey, float through the air , enclose their egg sac and line burrows. This unique material and its trapping prey are noteworthy characteristics of spiders.

The warmer months Spiders become more active as the temperature increases so does the activity.

Ex pest control we will offer a effective approach to get rid of spider from your premises..

  • We will offer a free quotation
  • apply safe products using a combination of insecticide sprays and dust. We will treat the exterior , eaves, roof void , subfloor , garage , entertainment area , clothlesline, rubbish bins and letterbox. The treatment on the exterior lasts usually for 12 months.
  • offer recommendations to help reduce further infestations
  • Warranty our work


So if you have a spider issue at your home call to Ex Pest Control today!