Domestic Rat Control Melbourne

Domestic Rat Control Melbourne

Rats and Mice enter a building through small gaps , from under doors,around pipeworks, trees that hang over the roofline.

Mice are small animals, their access into buildings is probably easier than for  Rats, and a greater range of nesting sites is available to them.  Typically within buildings they may nest in wall voids, cupboards , roof voids, stored foods, furniture and many other locations. Out of doors , they live in burrows.

In their feeding habits , mice are generally regarded as being quite omnivirous. Mice and rats moslty feed at dusk and during the night, but if the area is relatively undisturbed, they will feed during the day aswell.

Rats and Mice also can cause damage through there constant gnawing. They may damage doors, skirting boards and other parts of the buildings, upholstery, books, food containers and parts of equipment or machinery. The gnawing of wires and cables has caused sort circuits or even worse fires.

Diseases spred by Rodents is also well known.   Salmonella being spread with rodent urine or faeces by direct contact to fodd and drinks, or by direct skin contact through an open wound.

Ex Pest Control we offer a thorough yet effective approach to help eradicate rodents for you. So, when it comes to mice and rat control & removal in Melbourne, we do the following:

  • free quotation
  • a full inspection to identify if the infestation is rats or mice.
  • implement a detailed management program
  • recommendations to help reduce further infestations